AUG - SEPT 2021


Theatre of Dance "Gzhel"
today is a cultural "visit card" of Moscow.
Gzhel is an unusual show which offers to its spectators an exciting musical journey to various corners of Russia. During the 90 minutes of this spectacular presentation intricate acrobatic skits and lyrical circle dances will be presented, along with group scenes of folk festivals in folklore costumes.

The outstanding choreographic production will present the best skills of folk craftsmen as well as the cultural diversity and the richness of Russia's variety of peoples.
Traditional Russian folk crafts will be showcased using the dance idiom providing an insight into their essence and their beauty while multimedia screen will help implement the modern interpretation to the original conception of the dance show creators.
Theatre of Dance "Gzhel" today
is a cultural "visit card" of Moscow.

More than 25 years the Theatre has been celebrating, proclaiming and developing masterpieces of famous Russian craftsmanship in its fantastic, diverse and colorful dances, passing on to younger generations knowledge about the great Russian traditional decorative handicrafts - Gzhel, Palekh, Zhostovo, Pavlovo-Posadsky patterns and others. Sparkling and impressively festive character of Theatre's performances reflects originality of forms and unique ornaments of national decorative folk Art.

Gzhel Dance Theater is a regular participant of gala concerts at the Red Square and in other landmark locations in Russia. The group's creative efforts invariably excite the interest of its audiences gaining recognition and taking by storm the greatest world stages. Ballet performers win over their audiences due to their striking emotional intensity, artistic sincerity, an enormous potential of their means of expression and their insight into the distinctive nature of the dance.
The show will be performed on the stage of the Central Academic Theatre of the Russian Army, in one of the Russian capital's landmark buildings. This theater featuring the largest performance stage in Europe is a perfect example of the Stalinist "Empire" architecture: the building was conceived as an enormous structure in the shape of the five-pointed star.
Central Academic Theatre
of the Russian Army

Central Academic Theatre
of the Russian Army

Moscow / Suvorovskaya square 2
Dostoevskaya metro station
SHOW Starts 7:30. Finishes 9:15
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